A Quest to Overcome Limitations & Create Your Dream Life.

This website is where you can find inspiration to face your fears, and empower yourself. It is a fan site for the Youtube vlog Quest Out West by Natasha Hynes. Buy merch and more.


Natasha Hynes, from Montreal, Canada, bought a Dodge Sprinter van in 2021 with the dream of waking up in the mountains of the West Coast. After downsizing her life to move out of a toxic living situation and into a van with her 3 cats, Natasha crossed the country overcoming many obstacles along the way.

Over the following four months she would cross the country two more times, once on her way to document a historic moment in Canada, and another after being abandoned without a vehicle by her then co-traveler on the wrong side of the county.

While facing many life-threatening scenarios along the way, she made her way back to her van on the west-coast, only to discover that it was in much worse condition than she knew.

After several months of trying to solve her situation, she and her cats moved into a Dodge Grand Caravan and are living in Vancouver, BC.

Her vlog, Quest Out West, chronicles the good and bad of van life, travel, and life struggles without the glamorous bias you see on social media, with the ultimate goal of inspiring you to face your fears, transcend limitations, and go after the life you really want.