How to Know When It’s the Right Time to Do the Thing (Feeling Nervous About Change)

How to Know When It’s the Right Time to Do the Thing (Feeling Nervous About Change)

If you’ve ever been on the verge of making a major life change but you aren’t sure it’s the right time to jump in. Maybe you are hesitating until you feel right, or you have a few things you want to get just right before you push the go button. Maybe you just feel anxious and are not sure why. Is this just my fear of the unknown or a sign that this is not right for me? I have had that feeling countless times, and this is my formula for dealing with it.

1. Get into alignment

Don’t take action until you are in alignment or as close to it as you can get. Getting into alignment could be sitting in meditation until you have an out of body experience, or it could be petting your cat for a few minutes. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just get into a good mood before allowing your thoughts to dictate your actions.

2. Do it scared

If you are making a choice that is outside of your comfort zone it will NEVER not be a bit scary or make you nervous, because it’s outside of your comfort zone. Only things inside your comfort zone make you comfortable. They also keep you exactly where you are. When you start acting in your discomfort your life will start to change dramatically.

3. Trust Your Gut

Of course there will be times when your gut is telling you “DON’T DO IT!” So how do you know the difference? Until you get the hang of it, it’s not easy. When your gut is warning you of a real danger it feels like, “No. Just no.” Your body might even start to shake. It feels like “No, I don’t want to do this.” Even if you feel obliged to, which can confuse you into thinking you want to when you just want to do what is expected of you because you have porous boundaries. When you decide not to do the thing it feels like relief. When it’s your discomfort it can feel like knots in your stomach, but underneath it you’re still drawn to the thing. If you decide not to do the thing you feel just as weird. You might feel regret, disappointment, and so on.

4. You can’t actually fuck it up.

No matter what you do, or what happens, if you get back into alignment it will work out in your favor. If you were meant to move into apartment 12 b and you decided with your logical mind that it would be better to move into apartment 14 a despite your gut telling you otherwise, as long as you get back into alignment you will be guided onto a new way of getting where you want to be. Maybe now apartment 14 a had a major problem and you’re in a position you could sue the landlord, but instead you are guided to negotiate a deal and you end up with apartment 12 b and a huge rent discount. Don’t waste to much mental energy trying to logically navigate a path that only the consciousness of “all that is” would be able to conceive of. Relax and let a force much smarter than you figure it out for you.

5. Stop Dwelling Over it and Mentally move beyond it

The annoying thing is that you will only get what you want now when you stop fussing over how much you want it, and instead just accept that you are getting it (or that you already have it), and walk into the having of it. I find it helps to start thinking of what I will want next as if I’m already on to the next thing. You want to move now? Cool. Stop thinking about how you want to move, and start thinking about what kind of shower curtain you want in your new bathroom and start looking for it. Why? Because you “already have what you want”. You want more money? Cool. Stop thinking about wanting more money, and start planning what you will do with this “money you have”. Get into the mind-state of already having it by moving on to the next want.


When I was going to buy the Sprinter I felt major Anxiety. The same for the Grand Caravan. The same for selling the Sprinter. Every time I wondered if I was about to make a major mistake. Every time, everything worked out. That doesn’t mean there weren’t bumps that I may have been being warned about, but ultimately they were smoothed out.

The Sprinter was in far worse shape than I was led to believe. When I sold it the guy refused to register it under his name. I intended to flip the Grand Caravan after 2 weeks and that didn’t happen. But the Sprinter provided everything I needed while I had it. I was able to sort out the paperwork for selling it on my own end, and the Grand Caravan turned out to be a good fit for me to keep instead.

As long as I kept my end goal in mind, stayed positive, and kept persisting, everything worked out. All that was left to do was to recognize that I had manifested everything I set out to, and that if there was anything more I wanted in life, the only reason I didn’t have it was because I didn’t set out to get it. I didn’t set out to get it due to my own self-limiting beliefs, which we can talk about in another post.

For more on this topic I have an audio recording that goes into depth about facing your fears to get what you want.

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