Are you meant to start your own Quest?

Are you meant to start your own Quest?

I wasted too much of my life waiting for other people to give me permission. I was waiting for permission to live my life. I was waiting for permission to be myself. I was waiting for permission to be happy. Honestly, I was waiting for someone to tell me who I was.

How many of us live four years not knowing ourselves? How many years do we spend depressed, anxious, and lonely. How much of our life is spent with a deep void within us that we have no idea how to fill? We want purpose. We want meaning in our lives. Yet, don't know where to find it.

There are multiple reasons for this, but all of those reasons come down to the same root, that we live in a society that thrives on our misery, confusion, and ignorance. It thrives on our belief that we are not enough, because it is constantly trying to sell us solutions to that pain. It thrives on our belief but we are not worthy of love. It thrives on our ignorance to who we truly are.

If we knew who we were, we would love ourselves because the only way to truly know who you are, is to know that you are divine. Inherently, there is nothing wrong with you and you are worthy of love. If you new who you were, you would be confident. Who you are, truly, is unconditional love manifest in a human body having a physical experience.

Then of course there is who you are here on earth. When you’ve removed all the programming that society has told you to believe, what do you really value? What do you really believe? Do you really need a Bugatti? Or did someone prey on your insecurities when they told you what you should need, when all you really needed was a hug and a sandwich?

Have you figured out who you are yet? Have you figured out what you want? Maybe it’s time you get answers to these questions. The best way to find yourself, is to embark on a quest, a quest that forces you to face your fears, a quest that demands you to push beyond your limiting beliefs, and journey far beyond your comfort zone.

If this is resonating with you, if the idea of a quest lights you up, there is a quest within you. And this is a sign telling you that it's time to begin. What is it you've been avoiding? What is the fear that’s been keeping you from everything you've ever wanted? What is it that you secretly want, but think you can't have? Ask yourself these questions, and as you search for answers your soul will prompt you to take action. As you begin to take action, your quest begins to unfold.

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